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The Right Way to Clean Your Pool

In this website, you will learn more about swimming pool cleaning and how it is important to maintain your pool clean. As illustrated in this page, if you don’t know how to maintain your pool and you are dreaming of floating on your own pool, frozen pina colada can become a nightmare. In most cases when you are planning and envisioning your dream pool you never even think about pool cleaning. Even if all chores are no fun, you should make cleaning a necessity in order to keep this investment crystal blue and ready to keep you and your family cool. To keep your pool clean, below are the important steps to take.

As explained in this website, you will be required to collect or skin all debris and clean out the skimmer basket to ensure that your pool is all clean. Here, you will use the skimmer net attachment and run it slowly over the surface of the water which is the first logical step you should take. You should locate your skimmer filter after removing any large debris floating on the water surface. To discover more about the skimmer, consider reading more in these pages.

The next step is to brush the sides and the ladder of the pool using the brush attachment as explained in this site. Since the area right underneath the edge of the pool is where the algae and bacteria can collect, consider paying attention to it as advised on this page. For more efficiency if you are done with thorough brushing down of all the reachable spaces, you can use heavy machinery.

You will learn more about using the pool vacuum in this site as your next step of cleaning your pool. You should not bring your Bissel out from the cleaning closet in the house since there is a special pool vacuum for the job. There are different kinds of vacuum, for example, one that is hands-free and those that are manually used. Click the page link and read to discover more about this.

In this website, you will finally learn that to keep your pool sparkling all year long you need to maintain the water levels. To make sure that your chemical level is good, you will need to test the PH levels at least once a week. You will need to add more chemicals if your water test shows that the PH levels are off. Before continuing the normal routine of adding chlorine tablets regularly, you should consider adding pool shock in case you are dealing with a very dirty pool. Now you can learn that there are devices that can hold the chlorine tablets so that you can safely swim without coming into contact with them.

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